Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Can you fix an oil leak on a car?

i have very small amount of oil leaking from my car. i was wondering if oil leaks are fixable. and also if i take it to a shop, will they charge me to find out where the leak is coming fromCan you fix an oil leak on a car?
Take it to a shop and ask for a estimate. When they give the estimate ask them to show you where it is leaking from. you might get a little dirty wear old cloths. Depending on the leak the cost will vary. My car has leaking valve cover gaskets the parts are cheap. but while diagnosing the valve covers i found out i have a leaking Intake manifold Gasket. shop estimated $1200 to fix. i did some research the parts i can get the parts on line for $250 bucks and do the work myself. Ps. be sure to ask if they give free estimates up front, if they don't take it somewhere else.Can you fix an oil leak on a car?
Yes oil leaks can be repaired. You will have to pay for a dye additive

to be added and then drive it for a couple days. Your Tech will

then use a black light to locate the leak. I have to disagree wil the

Gent that works for free. I would charge you a minimal diagnostic

charge for my time to accurately diagnose and repair your

Vehicle. I prefer to be up front and honest and charge a price which reflects a professional competent repair. I then back it with a

this can be very expensive or very cheap - you have to get the engine shampooed so you can see where the oil comes from.

take it to a shop if you can't fix it yourself and ask beforehand if they charge for checking it out.
most oil leaks are very fixable....A shop won't charge you to find out where it is coming from if you doo the work with them......get it fixed......some oil leaks can lead to fires!!!!!!
try using a thicker grade of oil...........then try a high mileage oil.......

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